There’s no doubt that regeneration can be an important and serious business. However we believe it can be fun too.

Defined as “the use of public funding to achieve an improvement to the conditions of disadvantaged people or places” successful regeneration can have a profound impact on the communities it affects. Indeed it can literally change peoples’ lives for the better.

Over recent years ‘heritage-led’ regeneration has also become a force to be reckoned with in the regeneration business.  It too can improve the employment, image, confidence and inward investment prospects of an area.  The regeneration of historic buildings can also assist in achieving important environmental and sustainable development objectives.

However alongside these serious, laudable and extremely important outcomes there’s also a case for exploring heritage-led regeneration solutions for FUN.

Our ‘Feildbarn’ is a project concept that seeks to offer exactly this. As a rural regeneration project it proposes to offer ordinary people the chance to own a unique and delightful space in exchange for a personal commitment to its repair and temporary reversible conversion.  But it’s also potentially a very big and ambitious regeneration project too.  With around 4,000 field barns in the Yorkshire Dales National Park alone there’s one hell of a lot of regeneration – and fun – to be had!



Any thoughts?

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