Hello all. This is a completely spontaneous blog post inspired by reading an article in Dezeen while eating my dinner tonight! Why re-tweet when you can blog?

Ron Arad is a designer of vast experience and influence that needs no introduction. I first came across his work during my Furniture Design Degree at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University, and I remember being inspired by his inquisitive explorations into the potential of materials and the processes of their manufacture. Reading this interview in Dezeen reminded me of this inspiration.

Good design is about being brave, the importance of questioning, of challenging accepted norms, and most importantly ‘playing’, seeing what can be done, exploring and keeping an open mind to possibilities. It’s about never being afraid to say ‘but why?’!


An example of this is his work on the Tom Vac Chair, a vacuum formed aluminium chair. This process literally ‘sucks’ the aluminium into shape and was used predominantly by the aerospace industry, that was until some bright spark had the audacity to say ‘but why?’!

The interview also describes the importance of choosing an aluminium high in magnesium that allows for a higher degree of polishing, giving an effect more like stainless steel than traditional aluminium. This questioning pushed the possibilities of the material and the process by which the product was manufactured.

Anyway, here is the link. Have a read and comment as you see fit!



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