Following the success of September’s ThinkTime we are pleased to announce that the October event will be held on Tuesday 29th, in the court rooms of the currently vacant Bristol Guildhall. The event is titled “Remnants of the New Ancients”, and will be a ‘Question Time’ style panel format to discuss the position that all works of architecture are myths in the narrative story of our civilisation, and assessing the legacy we leave to the future through the buildings we design today.

It isn’t derogatory to refer to a style or theory as a myth; myths are stories that tell us something about ourselves. Speaking generally, one could argue that architecture has had a difficult relationship with its past since the Modernist movement; now more than ever as our advancing technologies allow us to build fantastical shapes and wild forms.

We are asking the panel to debate how these new architectures might stand in the larger story of our civilisation, looking back as well as forward. This is intimately connected with myths, stories and narrative; after all these are ideas of our age and how we see ourselves and our society. The prevailing architectures since the Renaissance are based on Classical ruins, and our interpretations of the stories of Greek and Roman civilisations. When our buildings descend into ruins, what stories might our descendants tell of us?

Gillespie Kidd Coia Cardross 02

The Panel

Alan Keane, Architect, FCBStudios
Gillian Darley, Author and Broadcaster
Matthew Wickens, Director of Studies BSc Arch, University of Bath
Robert Grover, Architect, James Grayley Architects
Sam Joyce, Engineer and Researcher, The AA and University of Bath
Professor Yiannis Gabriel, Chair in Organisation Studies, University of Bath

We are seeking a body of questions with which to kick start the discussions ahead of the 29th, and we would welcome all suggestions – even if you are not able to attend. Questions and topics can be submitted by e-mailing fcb.studios@fcbstudios.com, by twitter to @8Late_, or by dropping a comment in the thread below. We look forward to receiving your input!



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