This autumn Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios are curating a series of evening talks, intending to encourage lively participation and debate about contemporary design and architecture. We will be inviting poets, designers, writers, engineers and architects to think outside the box about the subject of ‘time’, and how it relates to our buildings, cities and lives. All events will be open to the public and if you are reading this, consider yourself invited!

Our built environment exists in time as well as space, and throughout its lifespan a building will influence and be influenced by an ever evolving physical and cultural context, much of which could be impossible to predict. Thinking about time is an evocative starting point from which to assess contemporary architecture and design; how it responds to the relics of the past and how it can leave a legacy for the future.

Think Time: Timescales – 5x5x5
Tuesday 24th September – 19:00-21:00. 


How do buildings respond to their own mortality? How does the city both accommodate buildings and then lay them to rest? What do the growing number of protected buildings and conservation areas mean for cities expanding at an exponential rate? The evening will consider the poetics and pragmatics of architecture built for 5 weeks, 5 decades and 5 centuries.

Think Time: Remnants of the New Ancients
Tuesday 29th October – 19:00-21:00. 

Remnants of the New Ancients

As with our ancestors, our buildings hold the myths and stories of our age. In our cities we have a tremendous built inheritance, but our relationship with it is fragile. When our descendants look back upon the remnants we leave behind, how will we stand in the narrative of our civilisation?

Think Time: Involuntary Redundancy
Tuesday 26th November – 19:00-21:00. 

Involuntary Redundancy

As the UK ended its golden age of Industry, the architecture of operational efficiency went into involuntary redundancy. The time has come to think about the monuments of yesterday’s innovation, and the ways they can be re-used to create the vibrancy of tomorrow’s communities.

The location of the events will be in Bristol or Bath, and will be confirmed shortly, and the series will conclude with 3 more events in January, February and March 2014.
To keep up to date with announcements follow @fcbstudios and @8late_ on twitter, or join the mailing list by writing to fcb.studios@fcbstudios.com.


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