Following on from my previous blog here I present three more student projects from the International Architectural Regeneration and Development Course (IARD) at Oxofrd Brookes University. These projects are based around a disused tram-shed building (The Tramremise) located in a suberb of Rotterdam. The students set their own briefs for the projects. Again, thank you to all the students who contributed their work.

The first post of the work can be found here…


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William Harrison

Tranremise Preforming Arts Centre

The project intends to provide a new active frontage for the street-scape with a reception space to the more public north side facing the Hemraadsplein.

A Main Hall located in the centre of the design, will provide the facilities for a theater hall, indoor markets, provisions for schools class, exams and sports use. The main hall also can be used as a venue for activities at night with additional studio spaces maintaining external and internal access, acquiring the potential to be hired individually.

The project proposes a new entrance to the BSW Park making a safer more inviting entrance to the Charity Park. The new square will make the area more accommodating whilst retaining the privacy, security of access and sight in to where the children use the Park.

The project intends to make the area more child friendly to attract families to move back to the Nieuwe Westen creating a positive effect on the economy. Helping to provide the opportunity to create an integrated community through equal opportunity drivers at the Tramremise.

Dan Fleming

The Rotterdam Hub Regeneration Proposal

Expanding on the group strategy focus of using the site to improve social networks and build on the aspect of child friendliness, I introduced a collective program of 3 functions to re-establish the historical context of the Tramremise as a site that connects people as well as spaces.

– collaborative platform of shared resources encouraging joint ventures and improving social networks within the community.

– business retail space to accommodate kick-starter projects developed from collaborative platform and can potentially lead to the reduction in vacant shops.

– enhance existing strategies for child education and bring them to SW Rotterdam as a driver to encourage family participation.

By making 3 key moves to regenerate the Tramremise & surrounding area, the proposal encourages the integration of child & adult activities as well as providing a platform for local business start-ups. Using children as a driver for regeneration, the inclusion of family oriented activities such as a green education pavilion, vegetable boxes and training kitchen facilities as well as the co-working environment aims to create a comprehensive regeneration proposal.

Through improving the physical and social context & creating spaces for an active & passionate community, local residents have the opportunity to connect and share in a collaborative hub where new ideas emerge, problems are solved in creative ways & the entire local community can benefit.

Charlotte Pollock

My proposal focused on the sensitive regeneration of the Tramremise site by looking at the technical architectural detailing as well as providing a community use to regenerate the area. I centred my proposal around the idea of using child friendliness as a driver for regeneration and the solution I developed was to create a 21st century indoor playground.

This focus stemmed from my research, which identified a serious youth crime problem in the area surrounding the site and Rotterdam was named the least child friendly city in the Netherlands. Architecturally, my scheme focused around the concept of flexibility and retaining the character of the space.

The design featured a new entrance and access building to emphasise an entrance and to provide a route, which would connect the street to the park at the rear of the site via the new indoor playground. I introduced new services into the building and created movable screens attached to the existing tram lines to create fun flexible spaces for the community to adapt to their ever changing needs.

The scheme incorporated 3 key spaces, a cafe/ bar area, chill out/ study space and an activity hall/ performance space.



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