As part of my teaching on the International Architectural Regeneration and Development (IARD) Course at Oxford Brookes University we take a field trip every year to an international location. These field trips are a great learning experience for the students who have to complete group projects involving the collection of site data upon which their design projects for the semester are then based.

This year we took the group to Rotterdam to study two interesting sites near to the city centre. One site is a disused tram store, its street and immediate environs. The station was in use until quite recently and the empty building has been used for various exhibitions up to the last year.

The other site is the Lijnbaan shopping area which formed part of the reconstruction after the severe bombing which occurred in Rotterdam during the Second World War. Instead of shops with apartments above on either side of a roadway, shops are located on pedestrian only streets. The stores are stocked from service streets at the back. It doesn’t seem original anymore however it was the first shopping street of this kind and is now a listed monument.

During the week the students also visited local architecture including the Van Nelle factory (https://8late.wordpress.com/2012/10/15/a-visit-to-the-van-nelle-design-factory-rotterdam/), the Kunsthall by Rem Koolhaas (OMA) and took a visit into the surrounding countryside to learn about the Dutch vernacular.

When we got back from Rotterdam I asked all the students to send me their favorite photograph which they took on the trip. I have chosen my three favorite and a collection of other good images.

Thank you to all the students who contributed.

Jenny Steel

Jenny Steel

Rosa Teira Paz

Rosa Teira Paz

Steinunn Egilsdottir

Steinunn Egilsdottir

Hovering over the images below reveals the photographer – click for bigger

All copyright remains with the photographer


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