A great article from FCBS Model-making genius Ken Grix. Originally posted to our sister blog Feild.wordpress.com – be sure to check it out if you haven’t seen it yet!


Physical models are an essential medium of architecture. They present a miniature reality, released from the limitations of two-dimensional fantasy. Anyone can immediately understand a model without prior conditioning. The three-dimensional relationship of all parts of the model are observed in real time and from real viewpoints. Freed from the conventions and veils of virtual reality, viewers of physical models can engage directly with the architecture.

Architectural models are generally presentation models, concept models, process models or occasionally a combination of the three.

1565 revised model 169

Presentation models are the standard produce of the modelmaking industry, with specialist companies offering high quality, technically precise, scale manifestations of the architect’s finalised designs. The architectural design process is either suspended or complete before the making or out-sourcing of the presentation model. The creativity of presentation model making lies in making it appear convincing: designing the model to hide or minimise the distracting construction of the…

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