A few years ago when talking to writer David Littlefield I described a particularly bad creative re-use scheme as being ‘like a badly stuffed cat’. He thought the phrase was so funny he quoted me in his book ‘Architectural Voices’! (see http://www.amazon.co.uk/Architectural-Voices-Listening-Old-Buildings/dp/0470016736)

For me, ‘badly stuffed cats’ [BSCs] are re-use schemes that are SO bad that they utterly destroy the essence of what was precious and simultaeneously transform it into something worthy of destruction. I was reminded by my strength of feeling on spotting the poor moggy above in a bar in Clerkenwell last year.

But for the full experience – and an unforgettable BSC moment – I dare you to click the link below.
But be warned – it’s an ABSOLUTE SHOCKER!
You have been warned..!


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