A recent trip to Barcelona provided opportunity to reflect on architecture through the exploration of two very different buildings by two revolutionary European architects. 

Both designers spent their careers trying to forge a new artistic style that made sense of their rapidly modernizing world, and the buildings they realised were a forceful reaction to the vernacular traditions of their culture. They both shared a belief that a ‘perfect architecture’ could be borne from the absolute harmony of form and structural clarity. Undeniably they both left their mark on the progress of 20th Century architecture, and both are immediately conjured by the mere mention of the city’s name. They had so much in common, but set about realizing these philosophies in very different ways…

Clean lines

Sumptuous materiality

Considered detail

It’s easy to see the differences between these artists and the architecture they created, but I look to the similarities. By drawing the parallels between the seemingly opposing stylistic poles we catch a glimpse of the fire that drives all great visionaries to break moulds. Whether you think less is more, or more is more, they are both means to the same end: achieving more.



Any thoughts?

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