The Ghosts of Middleport

Studio 8 are always interested in using photography and visualisation as a way to interrogate the historic buildings we work with, and to explore the social histories that they have affected.

The following images are from a series we produced for Middleport Pottery (developed with Marion Blockley Interpretation Designers), to visually demonstrate the generations of change that the surviving buildings have witnessed. The ghostly apparition of long since demolished pottery kilns makes for an arresting image, but it is the faces and clothing of the craftspeople and clerks that make the strongest impression.

The historic photographs used (copyright and courtesy of the Burgess, Dorling & Leigh archive) capture the factory during its busiest and most prosperous years, however the factory buildings today are less animated. The refurbishment project with which we are involved intends to remedy this, introducing new workshops and uses in order to reinstate that buzz of activity, and to create a new golden era for these much loved and hugely significant heritage buildings, and the community that surrounds them.

More infromation on the project can be found here www.middleportpottery.co.uk



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