I recently finally read Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino, having somehow avoided it throughout all my years studying architecture at University, and I have to admit I fell in love with it about halfway through the first chapter. Throughout every lucid description of streets, squares and courtyards, I felt a compulsion to pick up a pencil and sketch the cityscapes the language was evoking. I decided to Google my symptoms to see if anyone else out there had succumbed to similar impulses.

See below a short selection of the numerous artists who have also been inspired by Calvino’s cities, each one unable to resist re-making and re-interpreting the spaces behind the words.

And if you have never read it, well I hope these beautiful images will form a much more persuasive recommendation than I could ever compose. Enjoy


The City of Thekla (Janice Jong) & The City of Baucis (Miyo Yoshida)

The City of Ersillia (Melanie Cardenas) & The City of Zobeide (Janice Jong)

The City of Eudoxia (Catherine Rive) & The City of Zenobia (Alessandro Tonni & Manueala Spera)

The City of Thekla (Manuel Beltran) & The City of Armilla (Colleen Corradi)


Any thoughts?

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