“The Space in Between” – By Andy Marshall (@fotofacade)

Above is a link to a fascinating short video that was being shared around Twitter earlier in the week, and I definitely recommend finding a few minutes to watch it.

It’s a short interview with a resident Mould Maker at Minkstone Works in Longton, and investigates the more poetic aspects of this traditional craft. The Mould Maker’s task is to make solid the inverse of every piece of casted ceramic produced in the Pottery, using clay and plaster to enclose the void space in which the alchemy of pottery production can begin. This process of shaping object then void, sculpture then space, positive then negative, is rich with conceptual architectural inspiration.

The Studio 8 team is privileged to be working on plans to revitalize another Stoke-on-Trent Pottery, at Middleport in Burslem, and we are always amazed by the confidence and dexterity displayed by the skilled workers when handling the clay. The below picture is of Middleport’s Mould Maker, John Machin, who has worked in the factory since 1977.

For more information on the project, head over to www.middleportpottery.co.uk



Any thoughts?

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